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We love animals and have a variety for you to meet and feed while here. We want you to be able to come and see our animals and help us feed them and walk amongst them.

We are slowly increasing our birds including Guinea Fowl, Turkeys and now Peacocks.

The sheep often have lambs around, walking slowly will help get you closer to them, our goats can be skittish except for our Bucks who love a pat between the horns and our horses will likely stay away from you but sometimes come closer for an inspection if you have food or not.

Don't forget to spot a Kangaroo, echidna and Turtle or a sly fox late at night.

Did you know that millions of chickens are still caged. Imagine being stuck in a cage that you never leave and you can only turn around. Imagine if you also had to lay eggs just to even stay alive! That is the life of some very unlucky chickens who we need to save.

This video is about one of our poddy ( house ) lambs doing some karate kicks. The lamb is called Brock. He came to us when his mum rejected him only a few days old. Our son Jack took on the role of mum,  fed him every 3 hrs including night time. Brock quickly became part of the family  and antics a source of joy. Brock would prefer to be in one of our beds in our home but instead we found him another poddy lamb named  Angel and they live  in their own private paddock now  and love to run with our dogs and enjoy the visitors too.  Our lambs have been a great education and  experience for our kids who were living in Sydney only 18 months ago. 

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